Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The snow hath come

We almost made it through this winter without any appreciable snowfall.  We had a few quick moving storms that gave us a heavy dusting, but nothing to really speak about.
Even this Nor'easter wasn't really much in the grand scheme of things.  Not that I'm complaining.  I still well remember the 3+ feet of snow we had last year and what a pain that was for our county's emergency services.  My department's 6x brush truck (with all wheels chained) and our utility truck with plow and all 4 wheels chained were some of the few vehicles getting around in that mess.

This storm dropped around 6-8 inches on the frozen surfaces.  Not so much stayed on the ground and paved areas as the ground temps were still pretty warm from the mild weather.  The snow I cleared from the driveway was probably around 4-5" deep with a slushy base.

The snowing is now pretty much over and the wind is picking up.  I'm a little surprised at how much the snow is blowing and drifting given how wet it was.  Should make for some dicey road conditions tonight when the temps drop.

Sure is pretty, though!

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  1. I picked at it some - if it had been light and fluffy clearing the driveway would have been pleasant exercise. But heavy and slushy means that I'm leaving most of it for my neighbor to plow when he does his own driveway.