Thursday, July 14, 2016

They didn't listen to Colonel Cooper

But of course, that would imply they even knew who Colonel Cooper was...
With the latest craze of gaming distracting this country's younger generation(s) from matters of pertinence, Pokemon Go is making the complete lack of situational awareness very evident.  There are numerous reported robberies and muggings across the landscape of seekers of the Pokemon.

I first head of this new game a couple of weeks ago when we stayed with one of my nieces and her husband, both in their mid-20's.  He was excited about the game and had just downloaded it to his phone.  As he was explaining how it worked by using your camera, I immediately cringed at the thought of the potential and probability of the security breach.  It's also now becoming more widely reported that this game gives the Google-ites pretty much complete access to everything on your phone.  Talk about a data-rich harvest!

Each to their own, I guess.