Friday, October 9, 2015

Carburetors. GRRRR!

After several months of working on what was expected to be a long weekend project, I finally got the Jeep in a condition that it can be driven.  Notice I was careful to state it was not done.

So.  The good news; All the various modifications I needed to do to put the 304 in are out of the way.  Transmission cross member re-fabrication, modifying an engine mount, having the rear drive shaft rebuilt (it needed it) and lengthened, having to "adjust" the shifting levers (main transmission and two transfer case) modifying the transmission tunnel cover, moving the fuel line to the other frame rail... What else...  I"m sure I'm missing something, but you get the point.
I discovered that the oil pan has a rust pinhole in the side, above the static oil level.  So, when it's running, it spews oil almost on par with the Exxon Valdeze.  I have another pan to replace it, but have not had an opportunity to do so yet.  In the meantime, I try to keep a Prius handy to sop up the ecological disaster as it's happening.
But that gets me back to it running... and carburetor adjustments.  Something I have never had a real solid grasp on.  I understand the principles of it, but knowing the nuances are trying my patients just a wee bit.  There is a fine balance of fuel, air or choking thereof to keep the engine from stalling or flooding at inopportune times.  So far, I have not deciphered the secrets of life to find that combustion Shanghai-la. 
So keep trying I will.  Because someone other than me likes going for rides.