Sunday, November 23, 2014

As I view the daily headlines of anticipated "protests" of a decision from our judicial system in Missouri, I have to wonder how much outcry would there be if laws were proposed to spread across the board requirements for exercising one's rights.
I cannot take credit for the idea, as I read a similar proposal from another blog as a tongue-in-cheek news report.
But what if...  In order to open any social media account, stage a demonstration, or even put an ad in the local sale listings, one had to register for a 16 hr. civics class, wait 10 days before commencing and if it involves a real-time activity, such as a protest or demonstration, one would be limited to 7 minutes. Using Andrew Cuomo's logic, anything that one might want to express can be said in 7 minutes.  There is no need for 10 or more.

I won't say this could never happen and I hope it doesn't.  The Liberty Tree will have toppled to the ground from root rot if it does.  Remember, if you have to ask permission, then those making the laws don't consider it a right.  'Tis a sad and screwed up situation when exercising a right will turn you into a felon.  But such as it is in many states (and D.C.) in regards to the second amendment.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reading some of Tuesdays election results, the following paragraph from a Washington Compost article by John Wagner and Jenna Johnson made me wonder if i missed something in geography class.

"Brown, the son of a Jamaican father and a Swiss mother, was attempting to become the first African American governor of Maryland and only the third elected anywhere in the nation. He would also have been Maryland’s first lieutenant governor to ascend to the state’s top job."

So, did I miss something?  Is Jamaica a territory of an African country?  Or is this more liberal logic because he is dark skinned? 

Monday, November 3, 2014

HA!  Found that elusive edit feature.....
How ironically appropriate that I noticed earlier today that I misspelled "Excellence" in the naming of this blog by only using one "l".  While it is quite likely I am missing the route, it doesn't appear that google will allow me to edit to correct it.  Grrr...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I was thinking perhaps I would got out and take care of some leaves today now that the rain has moved out, but it is too windy to even have a hope of corralling some leaves into the tree line/ woods.  Even with my "leaf blower".
So here goes my foray into the blogosphere.
We shall see how this goes....