Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stay vigilant

This election season is finally over.  We still have to bear with the vitriol, wailing and nashing of teeth of those supporting Queen Hildabeast for a few more weeks, I suppose.  Then it will be business as usual for the media to trash, misrepresent and triple-guess every word and action that P.E. Trump says and does.

But for now, a small respite in the hopes that the Supreme Court will not yet fall to those who despise the principles of freedom that this country was founded upon.  

Nonetheless, stay vigilant.  Because the Sorosians and socialist that hate our freedoms always seem to come back...  When and where you least expect them...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

All Hail to the Queen!

My wife and I were in Lancaster, PA on Monday.  I saw this campaign headquarters with the previous business name only partially painted over.  It was just too appropriate of their mindset to pass up taking a picture.  Ironically, it's on King St. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Technical difficulties

My apologies for not having posted (yet, or in a timely fashion) an A.A.R. on the conference and training I attended in South Bend the week of Sept 26.
Short answer;  It was awesome and I look forward to going back next year.

Learning curves, technology, non-compatible operating systems and trying to get large data files of pictures and video to a shareable platform.  Icloud doesn't play well with others...  Sigh...

I don't even know where to begin describing my frustrations.  One day I'll get this sorted.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Day one water rescue conference

Today was the first of a three day class I'm taking at the conference.  It is being given by a training company from CA called Aqua 7.  In this class we are learning about using PWC's (jet ski's) as a rescue water craft (RWC) in a river environment.
While not the perfect do-all water craft, it is a very valuable tool.
After a half day of lecture, we got out on the water to run through a few skills, namely a slalom course around a series of bouys.
We started out running the course individually, then with a partner who was seated backwards and not holding on with their hands.
From there we moved on to running the course standing on one side, then ran the course again standing on the opposite side.
That followed with two on each side of the seat.
All of these runs were done for time.  The goal was to build balance and a comfort level for operating.
Unfortunatley the video of the day didn't turn out very well.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Water school

Well, sort of.  It is a swift water rescue conference, with a three day pre-conference class in a couple of different topics.
I'm talking about the IAWRP water rescue conference in South Bend IN.  This is my first time here and it should be a very interesting week.  I'll actually have something of interest to blog about for once.  If I have the time to do so.  Hopefully I'll even have some pictures and or video to share.

Here are some highlights from last year;

This is a very hands-on conference.  There is one day of lectures, then the rest is out on the river.  Most of the training is done in whats called the East Race of the St James river.  There are gates that can be used to control the water flow.  The conference ends on Saturday afternoon with what they call the rescue rodeo.  A friendly team competition of applying the skills that have been reviewed and learned during the week.
If there are any readers out there in bloogerland that are in the area, come on out and watch us have fun  train.  I'll be the guy in the drysuit and PFD.  :)