Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fishing expedition?

Those in the eastern panhandle of WV, NVA or southern PA that are attuned to the shooting sports are likely familiar with (in name, at least) Peacemaker National Training Center.

Peacemaker has a lawsuit against them regarding excessive noise.  On the surface, it sounds like just a pain-in-the-butt type of lawsuit.  However, the plaintiff has filed for information in discovery that involves private information on pretty much anyone that has ever been there, including law enforcement and military personnel.

I really have to wonder what the true agenda of this lawsuit is.  The West Virginia Citizens Defense League is involved as well on behalf of Peacemaker.  
Below is the press release from Peacemaker;

PNTC Members and Customers,
We would like to thank each of you for being members and customers of PNTC and we look forward to your continued support and use of the complex. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate and need your continued support.
We feel compelled inform our members and customers regarding a recent court ruling related to PNTC’s private customer information. Specifically, a resident of Virginia has filed a nuisance complaint against PNTC alleging that noise from operation of the shooting range is a nuisance, and therefore interferes with his property rights. This complaint was filed in Berkeley County Circuit Court and is before Circuit Court Judge Grey Silver, styled Ben and Diane Goldstein v. Peacemaker Properties, LLC and Peacemaker National Training Center, LLC, Civil Action No. 15- C-520. Court documents filed in the case are public record and may be reviewed through the Circuit Clerk’s office.
Although our legal team pointed out that Berkeley County, WV specifically exempts shooting ranges from their noise ordinance and prevents nuisance claims against shooting ranges, the complaint was filed and not dismissed by the court. You may also access the Berkeley County Noise Ordinance at this link:
Despite numerous motions and requests to reconsider, and numerous mediation efforts with the plaintiff, the court has ordered PNTC to produce the below documents and other private records under a “Protective Order.Under this order, the plaintiffs and their counsel are legally permitted to access the following information:
  • -  All member files
  • -  All waivers from any person who has accessed PNTC, to include all law enforcement,
    federal agency personnel, military personnel and foreign military personnel names
  • -  All shooting competition files and lists
  • -  All training information and lists
  • -  All customer waivers
  • -  Identities of all persons who have used PNTC ranges
  • -  All ATF & NFA records (to include Forms 4473 and ATF bound book information)
    Unfortunately, PNTC is unable to answer additional questions or comment on this matter at this time. Please know that we have done everything in our power to protect your private information, but we must comply with the court order.
    Again, we look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your support and understanding.
    Thank You,
    Cole McCulloch
    President Peacemaker National Training Center
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