Friday, December 15, 2017


OK, so maybe this post isn't about unicorns.

But it's about something I saw yesterday that's almost as rare involving a "Lane Hanger"
A lane hanger is what I call someone who refuses to leave the left lane of a multi-lane highway, regardless of traffic conditions or the lack thereof.  Unfortunately, Lane Hangers are extremely prevalent in the Not-So-Free state. (MD)  I view it as a symptom of our general societal degradation and the "me first, you be damned" attitude that seems to be ever increasing.

As I was commuting home yesterday afternoon, I was traveling on I70 in the left lane.  I saw a MD State Trooper making his way closer as the vehicles behind me moved to the center lane to allow him to pass.  As he got behind me, it took a few moments to get to a clear spot where I too could move to the center lane.  About that time, we came up on a slower moving car in the left lane.  Moments after I moved to the center lane, traffic cleared that allowed me to move to the right lane to clear the center for the Trooper to pass the lane hugger.  To my surprise, the view in my mirror instead was that of the red and blue lights coming on and the lane hanger being pulled over.

Very satisfying, indeed.


  1. Oopsie. I know It's illegal to use the left lane as anything other than passing in VA. Did not realize was so in MD.

    1. I don't think MD has any law against it. I suspect the trooper probably gave them "the whatfores" for impeding traffic.